Farid Elias

Software Architect, Globant

Farid is a Software Architect with more than 10 years of experience designing and developing big scale applications, mainly focused on Java language and REST based integration. He speaks 3 languages and also is proficient on javascript components (backend or frontend based). Among his areas of expertise Farid has been deeply related with Marketing Analytics on big data volumes, Product Lifecycle Management platforms, Workflow management, data scalability and currently is one of the practitioners in the Scalable Platforms team at Globant.

Besides been an avid player of vintage graphic adventure games and a big audiophile, his main interests on the IT arena range from Java web applications scalability, Spring, Lucene, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Node.js, middleware, data integration. He has been the leader for over 4 years of a large Globant team doing strong contributions to Autodesk’s PLM 360.

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