20 Nov 2023

Parameters API: Announcing the General Availability


We are happy to announce the general availability of Parameters API! 

The Parameters API let you store and manage parameter definitions in the cloud. Currently, Parameters Service is available in Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) Library feature and Revit 2023 and above. Parameters API is a technology used to build Parameter Services feature in those products and allows you to access and extend the parameter definitions programmatically.

Using Parameters API, you can, for example, do the following: 

  • Keep a collection of parameters up to date and in sync across various products and services within the Autodesk ecosystem.
  • Work alongside the Revit API to load parameters from the service into Revit projects and families.
  • Allow administrators to manage parameter definitions, while collaborators and team members can explore and load parameter definitions into their connected application.
  • Search for specific parameters or narrow down suitable options for meaningful consumption.
  • Set defaults for values like Revit Categories, type vs instance, and property palette group.

For more information see Parameters Service.


Parameters API Documentation

Step-by-step tutorials:

Code sample on github:

We are working on more samples. Please check back here in a few weeks:  

If you have any questions regarding Parameters API, please contact us through aps.help@autodesk.com.

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