APS Certified Partner based in Latin America builds digital twins for infrastructure

Software Development

Based in Medellín, Colombia, SIVAR is a software development company that builds solutions to increase efficiency in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry with an emphasis on infrastructure. SIVAR’s areas of focus include customized solutions, artificial intelligence integrations, and Autodesk Platform Services consulting as an Autodesk Platform Services Certified Partner.

The Challenge: Proliferation of disconnected data slows collaboration

SIVAR’s customers find themselves drowning in disconnected data and technology solutions that ultimately slow collaboration. Responsible for some of the industry’s most complex projects like utilities, project stakeholders wrangle massive models and files from multiple documentation sources. Getting the right information to the right team members has been a perpetual challenge. Emerging data sources add yet more complexity. The rise of IoT sensors and reality capture offer great promise, but firms often struggle to integrate the data in ways that are efficient and meaningful.

The APS Solution: Build customized digital twins by integrating and organizing data sources

SIVAR uses Autodesk Platform Services APIs to connect and integrate disparate data sources into customized digital twins that improve efficiency, visibility, and decision-making. SIVAR uses the Viewer and Model Derivative API to bring data from multiple sources into models that can be viewed by anyone with a web browser. The Reality Capture API uploads images from drones, scanners, and other sources to create richly textured 3D models. And when data changes or project-related events happen, the Webhooks API ensures teams get alerted.

When all these APIs come together, they become the foundation of immersive, intelligent models that SIVAR harnesses to maximize sensor data. For example, sensors can indicate whether concrete has dried or if there is undue stress on a particular building part. By integrating the IoT data with digital twins, all stakeholders have access to the data they need, regardless of location, and can respond more efficiently.

Business Outcomes: More efficient construction projects and software development

  • Saves up to 80% in time required for quality control in BIM models due to improved collaboration between project members
  • New value created from harnessing data sources to build customizable digital twins
  • Faster software development time for custom solutions through the use of well-documented APS APIs averaging 3-5 months

“Making data more useful is what Autodesk Platform Services adds to the equation. When we can combine data sources for our clients, we can create even more value.”—Edwin Armando Marín Mejía, Autodesk Specialist, SIVAR

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Model Derivative API
Model Derivative API
Reality Capture API
Reality Capture API

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