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As construction management technology has proliferated, eSUB has adopted a different approach than many software developers. The company chooses to focus on the needs of the people who actually deliver construction services in the field—subcontractors—over those of the general contractors or owners. This has led eSUB to develop with mobility, flexibility, and the cloud in mind. Tailored specifically for subcontractors, eSUB helps tradespeople better coordinate work as they increase accountability and productivity in the field.


Who actually builds the structures that provide us space to live and work? It’s not building owners, designers, or general contractors. Tradespeople—subcontractors— have the skills that make buildings rise. But few construction project management software options focus on the specific documentation, communication, and coordination needs of these tradespeople. For instance, subcontractors need mobile access to the most up-to-date drawings and quick resolution of RFIs. Plus, they don’t want to worry about software compatibility or problems accessing information back at the office. To meet the needs of subcontractors, eSUB turned to Forge to develop a solution that’s a perfect fit.

How eSUB solved it with Forge


eSUB provides trade contractors with a complete field data collection and labor productivity offering; but needed a way to deliver 2D plans and 3D models to their users in the field. eSUB wanted a faster way to incorporate design management features and automate workflows for trade contractors in the construction lifecycle. The Forge platform presented a compelling option.


The Forge platform delivers a bridge to enable a seamless user experience for trade contractors utilizing both eSUB and BIM 360. The Data Management API connects Accounts, Projects, Folders and Files between eSUB and BIM 360. This is critical to sync data between both systems and easily access, view and markup BIM 360 files and attach those files to any eSUB document. The Model Derivative API allows users to extract and attach individual sheets and markups to an eSUB document. The OAuth API’s 3-legged token securely links trade contractors to their general contractor’s BIM 360 project. This enables future integration of eSUB with the BIM 360 RFI API to allow trade contractors to send RFIs directly to the general contractor’s BIM 360 account for improved communication and collaboration.


The shift to Forge means that eSUB users can leverage the capabilities of BIM 360 within eSUB to bridge the gap between design and construction in one seamless user experience. They no longer deal with data silos, and they have access to tools designed to address their needs that also connect them to other stakeholders.

Forge highlights include the following:

  • Eliminating the data silos that hamper collaboration for subcontractors
  • Seamlessly connecting subcontractor workflows to design and construction documentation
  • Developing more innovative features more quickly


"Through Forge and its APIs, we can connect disparate workflows and data for our customers. Our developers save time on foundational functionality so they can focus more on features that will accelerate the construction lifecycle."

Wendy Rogers
CEO and Founder

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