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The Autodesk Platform Services (APS) support team monitors StackOverflow for, and will answer, all questions marked with APS-related tags.
In many cases, members of the Autodesk developer community will also give you advice.

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Always add the autodesk-platform-services tag to indicate that your question is about APS.
If you are asking a question about specific API, add any of the following that are appropriate for your context:

Authentication (OAuth): oauth autodesk-platform-services
Data Management API: autodesk-data-management
Design Automation API: autodesk-designautomation
Model Derivative API: autodesk-model-derivative
Viewer: autodesk-viewer
BIM 360 API: autodesk-bim360
Reality Capture API: autodesk-realitycapture

As the community grows and more questions are asked and answered on StackOverflow, you'll get better and better results when searching for what you need help with before having to post a thing:

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