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Business data and construction models united in real-time progress reports


Staticus is one of the largest façade contractors in Northern Europe, specializing in united curtain wall systems. Using the most advanced technologies available, Staticus designs, produces, and installs distinctive and sustainable curtain walls.

Blogic offers a range of IT services to improve business productivity, including software development for building information modeling (BIM). Blogic’s flagship product is Vcad, an integration that connects BIM and Power BI to visualize business insights alongside 3D models.

The Challenge: Manual workarounds to integrate data from design to manufacture to install

Staticus relied on manual processes to integrate business data with model data from design to manufacture to installation. Each stage of curtain wall production is complex. Design models, housed in Revit, could include 2,000 curtain wall panels plus thousands of individual material pieces to each. Separately, data associated with schedule, cost, and logistics lives in different software systems.

There was no uniform way to sync data and share updates with clients, the general contractors. Some teams would toggle between software to match units to schedules. Others would paint elevations on walls to report status. The inefficient processes left room for error. A panel delivered to the wrong floor could disturb the installation pace and reduce the planned efficiency significantly.

Staticus wanted to automate the flow of data between its models, enterprise resource planning software (ERP), and common data environment (CDE) for better collaboration between its teams and clients.

The APS Solution: Pre-built app enables real-time reports linking models to business data

Staticus sought a pre-built solution that links model data with business data from Blogic. They chose Blogic’s Vcad, an integration that connects BIM to PowerBI’s analytics and visualization tools. Vcad provides stakeholders complete control of data at every stage of the construction process. The creation of reports that combine 3D geometries and BI to do data analysis, transformation, and verification becomes accessible even to less experienced users. This translates into great time and cost savings.

How it works: Vcad centralizes model, business, and project management data in the cloud (Model Derivative and Data Management APIs). Here, users can view construction models alongside PowerBI reports, which include ERP and CDE data (APS Viewer API). With data in a single location, they can mark up the model to report progress to the contractor and other stakeholders (Data Visualization extension).

The tool refreshes automatically three times a day, ensuring up-to-date progress reports. Without needing BIM expertise, users can:

  • Search for specific data, filtering by floor, date, dimensions, type, or other parameters
  • View façade elements still in design or production
  • See what is being delivered to site or awaiting install

Staticus says these reports create greater transparency and increases trust among teams and with its clients.

Business Outcomes: More trust, better collaboration, and widespread adoption

  • More trust: Greater visibility generates more confidence from general contractors
  • Better collaboration: Automated data syncs create more efficient and consistent collaboration between teams saving time and money
  • Widespread use: Vcad’s ease of use for non-technical collaborators has resulted in quick adoption at every stage of design, manufacture, and install

“I’m sure we all can admit trust and transparency are lacking in the construction business. These reports give information instantly. It helps our clients understand delays, respond faster to changes, feel confident in our process, and ultimately, trust us.” - Giedrius Valantinas, Project Director, Staticus

“These tools allow the industry to climb the ladder of digitalization. And we’re seeing what it does for customers: reduces costs, increases profits, and helps them lead better lives." - Nicola Migliore, Product Development Manager, Blogic


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