15 Dec 2017

Reduce upload file size

Many file types are text based, which means that they can be quite heavy - like IFC.

One way to reduce their size considerably and still be able to generate Viewables for them is to zip them - the Model Derivative API can already handle files inside a zip. This was enabled to deal with complex models where the full model consists of multiple files referencing each other. In order to take advantage of this you just have to provide these two parameters when requesting a translation job for the content of the zip file using POST Job:

  • rootFilename=<IFC file name
  • compressedUrn=true

You can use the OSS Manager sample to test this. The zip file name just has to follow the usual zip naming convention: <ifc file name>.zip: e.g. MyHouse.ifc.zip - see above picture showing it in action

You could do the same with other file types too.

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