19 Sep 2019

Mechanical Design & Manufacturing Classes at Forge DevCon

As promised in my last blog post, this is the first in a series of posts from our Forge DevCon Las Vegas class selection team with class recommendations for different audiences at Forge DevCon. I'm setting the ball rolling by covering classes in our Mechanical Design and Manufacturing 'track'. However, this is a little bit tricky, because my colleague Andrew Akenson, Architect for the (currently in Beta) Design Automation for Inventor API, has promised to write his own blog post about classes and events covering that API at both Forge DevCon and Autodesk University in Las Vegas (and why you should care about it). This means that I'm not allowed to steal his thunder and include any of those in my recommendations.


That said, I am going to steal a tiny bit of thunder from him and say that an absolute 'must attend' class for me is the one Andrew is presenting himself. I've been working with Andrew for a while as he's been helping early adopters create some really cool applications using the Beta Design Automation for Inventor API, so I know he has some really cool examples lined up to show us.


How do you easily find all the classes that might be relevant to you at Forge DevCon? The obvious place to look is the list of Mechanical Design and Manufacturing classes on our Forge DevCon website. But don't stop there! A lot of classes relevant to you will be on more general Forge topics, so take a look at our Cross Industry classes too.


But this post is supposed to be to recommend a couple of classes that I've put on my own agenda as "must attend" (or more precisely, "must attend if I'm not running around organizing stuff during the conference"). A growing theme in every industry is Machine Learning, and Mechanical Design and Manufacturing are no exceptions, and we have two classes at Forge DevCon that will cover this topic really well:


First I recommend you attend FDC323720 - "Accelerate innovation through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning using Amazon Web Services" (presented by Tom "Elvis" Jones and Rama Thamman from the Amazon Web Services team). This class will take you through the basics of using Amazon Web Services to add AI capability to your own web applications. Elvis has been working with our Forge support and evangelism team for a long time, so he brings expertise in both AWS technology and Forge to the table. And - as an added bonus - if you attend this class, you can say that you saw Elvis while you were in Vegas :-).


After getting your grounding in AI/ML from the AWS guys, you should later in the day attend FDC322994 - "Autonomous Geometry Processing Using Machine Learning & Forge" (presented by Sandip Jadhav and Nem Kumar of CCTech). Sandip and his team have been building Forge applications since before Forge was called Forge, and are developing an impressive range of simulation and machine learning 'as a service' applications. This class is a perfect complement to the AWS class, as it will cover how CCTech applied ML to solve a specific problem. As an added bonus, not only are they experts in applied machine learning, they're also second-to-none in cutting edge Forge Viewer customization. If you really can't attend this class, then make sure you stop by their booth in the Forge DevCon Village and ask for a private demo.


By the way, there is a booking system for all our Forge DevCon classes. So don't delay register today - or you may find one of these classes is full.



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