30 Oct 2020

Forge Keynote at Autodesk University

We’ve all seen our share of disruption this year and the challenges of rapid, unexpected change. Here at Autodesk, we know that disruption has downsides, but we also believe it can bring incredible opportunities.


At this year’s Autodesk University, we want to show you how to embrace disruption and reimagine possible for your business in our Forge Keynote led by Susanna Holt, Vice President of Forge, and Greg Fallon, Vice President of Platforms & Technology Strategy. As your industries go through a digital transformation – sped up by the pandemic – we’re seeing innovators embrace the shift and create entirely new ways of making. We have some amazing examples to share, so you can take advantage of what’s possible too.


In our keynote, you’ll hear how Autodesk Foundation customer BamCore sought to address two critical industry challenges – climate change and inefficient building processes. They used Forge to bridge the gaps from design to manufacturing to construction and solved a lot of problems on the way: disconnected teams, jobsite mistakes, and labor shortages. And they made it sustainable using bamboo. Our next guest is Holobuilder, which is part of our construction ecosystem and uses Forge to link digital and physical worlds. Their solution gives teams 360-degree visual access of a jobsite from anywhere, improving collaboration and decision-making. Lastly, we go all the way to Tokyo to see how Toshiba Elevators is reinventing the way elevators are designed, built, installed, and operated. In this story, they demonstrate how their sales configurator, built off of Forge, streamlines the process from beginning to end.


What are the biggest challenges slowing down your teams and processes? Our Forge Keynote premiered on Tuesday, November 17 at 12:00 p.m. PST, but you can watch it anytime on our Forge Industry Destination page or right here below.

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