16 Oct 2017

Forge DevCon for Fusion Users

Calling all Fusion Users!  

Have you heard? The world’s largest gathering of design and engineering software developers is joining the conference for the future of making things this year. Forge DevCon 2017 is November 13th and 14th- the same week as Autodesk University! That means that you can get the benefit of both conferences in just ONE week, in ONE place.

Why should that matter to you Fusion users out there?

Integrating Fusion 360 with Forge can be a really powerful way to streamline your existing processes. You can also enhance your Fusion or Inventor add-ins by linking them to your own or Autodesk web services. Fusion360 has a quickly growing customer base and as a cloud-based application is easy to extend and create add-ins for on Forge.

Highlighted Sessions

A great starting place is with Adam Nagy, a Senior Developer Advocate @ Autodesk. He will be holding a session to help you learn how you can get started with implementing workflows using both Fusion 360 and Forge (FDC129788).

Or maybe you want to delve deeper into developer stories about the Forge applications they have created for third-party sale.

Attend our panel session with 6 Forge Certified Systems Integrators (SD12427) to see how they are already helping their clients build solutions on Forge to improve their businesses. Becoming Forge Certified may be a way for you to attract new business as your customers make their move to the cloud. If you are inInterested in doing both Systems Integration work for third parties and creating your own Forge applications/add-ins to sell there is something for you as well. Listen to CAD & Company’s story to see how they have taken a two-pronged approach as both a Systems Integrator and Forge ISV to take full advantage of the Forge platform.

Fusion Case Studies and Strategic Partnerships

You can take a look at multiple customer case studies where you can see examples of how leading Autodesk customers have used Forge to improve their business. For example, the CEO of IMOS will speak to how they used Forge inside their web-based product configuration software, as well as to enable the information flow between consumer experience and production control, all within the furniture and woodworking industries (FDC124178).

And to round out your Forge DevCon Las Vegas journey, we want you to meet Elvis. Join Tom “Elvis” Jones, a Solutions Architect with Amazon Web Services, to learn about how he believes AI, including ML and DL, will affect the future of manufacturing (FDC126198).

If you aren’t already signed up for Forge, what are you waiting for? Get your free trial here

And make sure you sign up for Forge DevCon to help you get started developing! Options to register are as follows:

  • Purchase a ticket to Forge DevCon through the AU registration process.
    • You can select the combined ticket which includes AU and Forge DevCon for only $1,845 (AU Early Bird rate is $1,750 and increases to $2,175 on October 16th so combined pass will be $2,270)
    • Or purchase Forge DevCon for standalone for $295.
  • Already have a ticket to AU and want to add Forge DevCon? No problem.
    • Forge DevCon access can be added to the AU full price ticket, anytime for only $95.
    • You can call customer service at call 888-371-1722 (toll-free in the United States) or 415-446-7717.
    • Or click to send an email to customer service autodeskuniversity@autodeskevents.com.


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