28 Nov 2023

Do it yourself! Extensions with Forma Webinar

Do it yourself! Extensions with Forma

When: 12th of December at 9A PT
Where: Zoom
Cost: Free
Where: Virtual

About the webinar:

This technical instruction is all about showcasing what you as a 3rd party developer can do with Forma. We will go through patterns for extensions to the Forma design client and their respective APIs and see how you can extend Forma's capabilities by building out it's functionality yourself. We will take a look at the potential avenues of expansion into the future and would like to hear from you on that one - what would you like build?


Håkon Dissen
Principal Software Engineer
Håkon is a Principal Software Engineer working in Unified Design. He joined Autodesk through the acquisition of Spacemaker in 2020, and has since been working on Spacemaker and the Forma Design Client. Lately he has been working as the Tech Lead for the Forma Creator Ecosystem group, focusing on how to connect Forma with the rest of the world.

Andrés D’Silva
Customer Success Manager
Andrés joined Autodesk through the Spacemaker acquisition. A mechanical engineer by training, he has worked with adoption of Forma in a wide range of clients from real estate developers, large architect firms and small practices. Now he has focused on building scalable onboarding materials and enabling the wider Autodesk customer success teams to ensure customers extract as much value from Forma as possible.

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