24 Sep 2019

Business-Related Classes at Forge DevCon

Next in our series of class recommendations for different audiences at Forge DevCon, is our list of classes relevant to business decision makers (a.k.a. people who don't end every sentence they write with a semicolon :-).


As my friend Scott Sheppard so eloquently explained in his recent blog post, despite what the name might imply, Forge DevCon isn't just for programmers. Our class selection team makes a point of selecting classes to suit a range of audiences. We have speakers from companies ranging from large enterprise organizations to small software development shops. We have deep-dive technical classes, but at least as many case studies. We even have classes dedicated to business topics.


As a manager or business owner, the first class to add to your agenda is obviously our Forge Keynote session. This is where you'll get an overview of our Forge vision and strategy to help inform your own future plans. The theme for this year's Forge DevCon is Digital Transformation, and our keynote session includes three Forge customers explaining how Forge is helping them digitally transform their business now, and how it will help them continue that process into the future.


If you're looking for a little more detail on our future plans, then you'll want to also sign up for our Roadmap classes. We have three of those:



Next, you'll probably want to scan the class lists for the industry closest to your own to find some Case Studies that interest you. You can find those lists in the 'Topics and Technologies' section of the Forge DevCon website.


And when you review that list of topics, don't forget to click on the 'Business' topic link. That's where you'll find links to the two other classes I recommend to you:


  • FDC323194 - "A Bridge Too Far: When Invention Outpaces Innovation (A Failure Story)" presented by Chris Callan of Grit Virtual. This is Chris's story of using lean startup methodology to introduce revolutionary technology into the construction industry; how he discovered his ideas were perhaps too revolutionary, and how he has pivoted to a new approach based on the lessons he learned. Chris is a great speaker - I'm really looking forward to hearing his story as a case study in building a startup.


  • FDC319155 - "Building a Business on Forge" presented by Stephen Preston (me) and Ron Locklin of the Autodesk Business Strategy team. Its a little embarrassing to promote my own class, but here goes ... Ron and I have conversations almost every day with new Forge developers who need help understanding the Forge business model and how they can build on top of that model to sell their own Forge-based applications. As a result of that, I wrote a presentation on this topic for the Autodesk OTx conference last year, which Ron and I have refined and will present at Forge DevCon. We'll talk through the nuances in the Forge business model that can make a big difference to the cost of  using Forge in your application; and we'll talk you through the most common business models you can use for your own Forge-based applications.


By the way, there is a booking system for all our Forge DevCon classes. So don't delay, register today - or you may find one of these classes is full.



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