3 Apr 2024

Building Connected API is now reinforced with TradeTapp API

TradeTapp API

The BuildingConnected API enables users to extract all key bidding and opportunity data from both BuildingConnected Pro and Bid Board Pro.

With addition of TradeTapp API, it is now possible to also extract all key qualification and financial data from TradeTapp and Bid Board Pro, allowing you to store all your BuildingConnected data in your own data warehouse.


The main task of the TradeTapp is to help companies find relevant vendors to qualify and partner with on their construction projects. The TradeTapp API allows to tap into this data and it provides two distinctive data sets which correlate to submission data sent by contracting partners as a part of their qualification submission and additionally some data captured during the risk review process. All this data is available through following endpoints:

  • The qualifications endpoint - allows you to retrieve a list of your vendors’ submitted questionnaires.
  • The financials endpoint - allows you to retrieve a mix of vendor-submited, CG – entered and TradeTapp calculated data.

The Qualification Data Model

TradeTapp Qualification objects represent a completed questionnaire that a vendor has submitted in TradeTapp. The qualification object allows you to view all the answers that a vendor submitted - not including the supporting files.

Qualification Data Model

To better illustrate the data and the form in which this data is presented through qualification endpoint


Below are some examples of information presented in TradeTapp user interface and how they are made available through TradeTapp API:

General information

General information

Qualification status

Qualification status data

General information

General information

List of completed projects (here illustrated just one of them)

List of projects

The Financial Data Model

TradeTapp Financial Data objects represent vendors’ financial, safety, and risk data from TradeTapp.

Financial Model

Some examples of information presented in TradeTapp user interface and available through TradeTapp API (financial endpoint):

Benchmark data

Benchmark data

Key metrics

Key metrics



These are just some examples of data that is available through TradeTapp API and waiting to be integrated in your pipeline.


If you are interested in seeing this API in action, we prepared a simple sample for you, which illustrates just a small subset of information you can get using the TradeTapp API. The sample can be found here: aps-tradetapp-table



However, if you are interested in exploring the full power this small yet powerful API, we prepared for you a Postman Collection that you can use with Postman, Insomnia or any other API testing tool. The API collection can be found here:  aps-tradetapp-postman.collection.


We wish you success in your endeavours and keep in mind that this just the beginning and there are more features waiting to be added. Which one will get the priory depends on your feedback and feature requests.

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