8 Jan 2021

Automate processes and workflows with Forge

Forge released Design Automation APIs for Revit, Inventor, and 3ds Max last year. Now that it has been a year we wanted to check in with the community to see what they are building with it. There is some pretty exciting stuff, but there are also some critically useful workflows that users are taking advantage of today. Here’s just a small list of some of the capabilities of the Design Automation APIs:

  • Solving for clash detection
  • Automating model generation
  • Displaying in the Forge Viewer
  • Automate standards checking
  • Creating configurators
  • Optimizing toolpaths

To help you learn about these things, we’ve consolidated a list of classes from Autodesk University that you can watch on-demand. Hone your skills when it comes to Design Automation APIs. From basics to beyond, there is a class for you.



SD473692          Design Automation for Revit: Beyond the basics

BES468450        Solve clashes automatically with Forge, BIM 360 and Revit Design Automation

SD468797-L       The Cross-Platform Revit: Sharing code with Plugins, Dynamo and Forge

SD466729          Using Design Automation for Revit for displaying RFAs in the Forge Viewer

AS468731          Automatic BIM Standards Checking in BIM360


BIM 360

MFG469225       Sales Engineering Automation using Forge, Fusion Lifecycle, and Vault



SD473689          Tips & Tricks: what I learnt while supporting Design Automation for Inventor

MFG473706       Using Autodesk Vault with Forge Design Automation for Inventor

MFG473705       Using iLogic with Design Automation for Inventor to create a Configurator


Fusion 360

PM469347         IoT Manufacturing Demo, Optimizing CNC toolpaths using Fusion 360 and Forge


More classes

SD473707          AppBundle: Cross-Distribution for Autodesk Products, App Store, and Forge

SD466778          Forge Certified Systems Integrator panel

SD468705          There is an easier way to do that! Lessons learned in 3 years of Forge Dev

SD469037          Building massively scalable CAD Configurator for manufacturing industry

BLD468796        Facility Management Data, Tracking and Reporting Simplified Using Forge

IM473673          Shorten lead times by integrating design automation in downstream processes

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