21 Mar 2017

Autodesk Tech Day of China: First Term - VR/AR - Shanghai - March 23th

Our China team will run Autodesk Tech Day each month this year. The topic will be more related with Autodesk Forge, AR/VR, web programming and any new update of Autodesk technologies. We will also invite partners to share their solutions and experiences in programming. We hope to have this opportunity to communicate with communities on any technologies that might accelerate industries development.

The first term will be about AR and VR. We are late to post it in the global blog, but the registration is still open until tomorrow.

  • Location: First Floor, InnoSpace+ , Shanghai
  • Time: 14:00-16:30 , March 23rd
  • Language: mainly in Chinese

I'd like to introduce a bit about sessions:

  • Session 1: Autodesk practice on WebVR and AR (Hololens).
  • Speaker: Zhong Wu (Forge evangelist)
  • Topic: introduction on the WebVR technologies of Autodesk such as WebVR with Forge Viewer. practices on Hololens. dancing robot; model control by voice; check model attributes etc. Live demos!


  • Session 2: Autodesk StingRay
  • Speaker: Yijun Wu (technical manager of M&E)
  • Topic: a comprehensive journey on StingRay and Autodesk Live Design ( from Revit to VR seamless) 


just click it the original post for the detailed information.


Welcome! and let us communicate! share! brainstorm! and have fun! :)

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