6 Nov 2023

Autodesk Developer Network joins with Autodesk Platform Services

On November 9 the Autodesk Developer Network "Open ADN” content will officially migrate into the Autodesk Platform Services Developer Portal. The ADN Member Site (content ADN members access via a login) remains the same, but the link is now found on the ADN membership page

Increasingly, the distinction between desktop and cloud development is blurring, and we want to assist this transition by unifying developer resources, so that you can focus on connecting data, teams, and workflows regardless of the products, tech stacks or vendors involved. 

Unified developer resources

ADN Open resources for desktop developers, including access to SDKs, are now found by searching for your favorite product on the APS Developer Portal Documentation page and accessing the dedicated product development landing page.  

This new unified APS documentation landing page replaces the Autodesk Developer Hub found at developer.autodesk.com and that URL will now forward to the documentation landing page. 

For customers relying on certain localized content, this content has been migrated to the APS Developer Portal. If a localized version of a page exists for your browser locale, this page will automatically be displayed; otherwise, the US-English version will be shown.  

We will be forwarding the ADN website URLs to the APS Developer Portal, but we do recommend that you update your bookmarks to ensure easy access.

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If you have any questions, or suggestions about how we can continue to improve this experience, please contact us at aps.help@autodesk.com

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