20 Nov 2023

ACC Project Admin API: Project Creation and User Management

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Updated on December 5, 2023: Added the link to the recording.  

We are excited to announce the general availability of Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) Project Admin API for project creation and project user management. Using the new API endpoints, you can now create a project either from scratch or from a template and add/update/remove users in a project. While adding a user, you can also assign products with appropriate access level. 

Earlier, we have announced the availability of GET projects and GET project users as public beta: ACC Admin API: GET Projects and Project Users. Those endpoints are also out of beta now.

In this release, following five (5) endpoints are added:  

  • POST projects - create an ACC project either from scratch or from a template.
  • POST projects/:projectId/users - assign one user to a project.
  • POST projects/:projectId/users:import - import multiple users to a project.
  • PATCH projects/:projectId/users/:userId - update information about the specific user in a project.
  • DELETE projects/:projectId/users/:userId - remove the specific user from a project.

Using these endpoints, you can now automate some of process, such as project setup which is one of popular workflows to use API. It helps eliminate many tedious manual work and increase productivities. 

A couple of points to note to augment documentations for clarifications and to help reduce potential confusion: 

  • Unlike GET APIs which are backward compatible and work for both ACC and BIM 360 projects, the above 5 new endpoints work only for ACC projects. Write endpoints are not compatible with BIM 360.
  • Unlike GET APIs which can work with 3-legged token and 2-legged token w/ and w/o user impersonation, all the above 5 endpoints work with 3-legged token and 2-legged token w/ user impersonation only. Pure 2-legged token without user is not supported.  

Project Creation

Project Users

  • To assign users to a project, you can specify the role (optional) of the user. But currently there is no direct ACC API to retrieve ACC project roles. A workaround is to use the Data Connector API to fetch project role information. 
  • When importing multiple users to the project, it will response with only a jobId.  However, there is no API to fetch the job status. You need to check if the users are successfully assigned to the project by calling GET project users. Please refer to Step 4: Retrieve Information About the Project Members.


Webinar Recording 

We had a webinar focusing on the new ACC Project Admin APIs on December 13, 2023. We have introduced the new APIs, share additional information, and answered questions from participants. If you have missed, or interested in watching again, here is the link to the recording and materials used during the webinar:

If you have any questions, please contact us through aps.help@autodesk.com.

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