19 Oct 2021

4 ACC Integration Partners using Forge

Integration Partners

Integration Partners help connect a broad array of your construction technology applications to the industry-leading solution, Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC). We are highlighting four companies that have created construction apps built on Forge using APIs that support BIM 360. These companies recently launched in the Autodesk Construction Cloud partner program. BIM 360 customers can easily discover and adopt these new integrated workflows. See what these Integration Partners can do for you:


Cupix is a cloud-based software company founded in late 2015. They have developed a state-of-the-art 3D virtual tour solution that gives users an easy and affordable way to capture the jobsites only using a consumer-grade 360° camera and create a Google Street View-like virtual walkthrough.

BIM HoloView

BIM Holoview provides XR applications for visualizing 3D BIM models on either the Oculus Quest or Microsoft HoloLens. They help customers improve understanding of their construction project, improve quality, and reduce rework.


Oculo uses 360 cameras mounted on hard hats to 100% passively and automatically create an interactive digital twin of your construction site, in a familiar and easy to use Streetview-like interface. Data capture is quick, which allows for frequent scanning and build up of accurate as-built dataset.


RealWear® is the world’s leading provider of assisted reality wearable solutions that engage, empower, and elevate the modern frontline industrial worker to perform work tasks more safely, and with increased efficiency and precision.


If you'd like to learn more about the current status of the APIs for Construction Cloud software, see the APIs that have recently been added and those that we expect to release in near future, check out the "Construction Cloud API Update and Beyond" class that was presented at AU this year.


Autodesk Construction Cloud officially has over 200 direct integrations enabled by our APIs and partner cards, including 9 Forge customers who recently launched in the ACS Partner Program. To learn about these integrations and more, check out this blog. If you are interested in joining the program, please sign-up to become a partner here.

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