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Autodesk App Store Robot Structural Analysis

Information for professional developers

This guide is for developers and content providers new to publishing plug-ins and other content on the Autodesk App Store—either free, trial, or paid versions. It outlines best practice guidelines and a few requirements for publishers to follow when creating products for the Autodesk App Store. These guidelines are designed to ensure that users on the Autodesk App Store have a consistent experience when downloading multiple products from the Store.


You will be presented with a detailed list of requirements for publishing on the Autodesk App Store when you first register to be a publisher. The information that follows is a summary. If there are any differences, then the online Publisher Agreement takes precedence.

All content types

Most of the information we need from you is collected through the web form you complete when submitting your content. This includes gathering information to create an HTML quick-start page that is included with the download of your product and viewable online.

Additional requirements


Your product must be relevant to (and usable with) Robot Structural Analysis 2025 and run on all Windows operating systems supported by the Robot Structural Analysis 2025 product. If you indicate compatibility with one or more vertical products, you are responsible for testing your app with those products.

User privileges

The default user privilege for the Store apps is Windows 10/11 Admin User. The installer should have elevated user privileges.

Product stability

Your product should be stable and not behave or alter the behavior of Robot Structural Analysis in a way that we deem unsuitable, for example, blocking standard Robot Structural Analysis functionality, blocking the functionality of another plug-in, causing data loss, etc.

HTML help page

The documentation you provide when submitting your app will be used to create a standard format HTML page and must allow the user to quickly understand how to use your product. You can reference additional information (for example, additional help files posted on your website) from the standard HTML documentation.

Ready to run

Your product must be ready to go as soon as it’s installed. It must not require the user to manually copy or register files, or manually edit Robot Structural Analysis settings (such as support paths).


The following sources provide additional information on some of the topics covered in this guide.


Use the Robot Structural Analysis Software Development Kit (SDK) available with the installation of RSA to access a wide range of tutorials, user guides, and code examples covering all aspects of the Robot Structural Analysis API. 

Additional information

The ADN team is here to help you be a successful publisher on the Autodesk App Store. If you have any further questions after reviewing these guidelines and the other documentation on the Autodesk App Store Publisher Center, email us at for support.