3 Feb 2015

Absolute Simple Canvas Game

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This is my first blog in C&M, for sometime now I was exploring myself to understand HTML/JS/CSS,I read and got comfort my self  with basic language semantics, but what now, out of abundant resources on web I was at crossroads and not sure where to start,then something struck to me that learning should be engaging so I explored for “gaming in JS” and Google amusingly returned with a towering figure of hits in fraction of seconds “About 11,40,00,000 results (0.33 seconds) “, patiently skimmed through various resources made cursory reading for some, detail study for others, but this piece of resource made my day.

I created a simple game where player controls a box movement and tries to catch the resource that pops on the canvas.No fancy,  no big deal.

User Arrowkeys for movement of box , a score is displayed in the back ground.

Box Collector

Full source code


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Madhukar Moogala

Madhukar Moogala

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