30 Mar 2022

Visualize Your Data with Forge

Forge Viewer

Visualize your data with Forge

Autodesk is one of the leading providers of 3D design solutions. Forge is Autodesk’s platform of APIs and web services that help you augment your design and engineering data and workflows. Put them together, and you can build powerful applications fueled by 3D design data. That means you can create some pretty amazing data visualizations.

So what can you create with Forge APIs?

  •       Dashboards
  •       3D Visualizations
  •       Digital Twins
  •       Reporting and clash detections
  • Catalogs

All of this can be obtained using the Forge Viewer and API that helps you visualize 2D and 3D models on the web. This is particularly exciting as we are coming off of our biggest conference of the year, Autodesk University. And with that event, we announced some upcoming enhancements to the Viewer. That includes things like handling large models, supporting open standards, adding new extensions (like aerial mini map, depth of field, and quick measure), and an overall enhanced developer experience. There are even new enhanced capabilities to layer IoT data with the Viewer.

If you are curious what you can do with the Viewer, check out this class from Autodesk University. If you want to get a sneak peek into what companies are doing with the new Viewer extensions, check out this blog post from Kean Walmsley. In the blog post, Kean shares applications built from a recent Accelerator that just finished up mid-December.

Additional Data Visualization Classes

If you want to explore more about data visualization capabilities from Forge, we’ve consolidated these AU classes for you.

SD473691          Forge Roadmap: Visual Insights - Visualizing data in your models

MFG473705       Using iLogic with Design Automation for Inventor to create a Configurator

CS468447          Efficient ways to visualize and analyze data in BIM360 project with PowerBI

PM469347         IoT Manufacturing Demo, Optimizing CNC toolpaths using Fusion 360 and Forge

SD473709          More Tips, Tricks, and the Future of the Forge Model Derivative Service

SD473715          3ds Max Design Automation: Add Beautiful Renders to Your Web Site

SD467275          Forge Platform / API: Meet the Experts

BLD468796        Facility Management Data, Tracking and Reporting Simplified Using Forge

CS468850          Brownfield Projects: Applying a Scalable AWP Approach with BIM360 & Forge

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