18 Feb 2020

Viewer Release Notes: V7.12



Release Date: 2020-2-13


  • Do not force calibration for PDF models and set the default units to points.
  • Measure tool will restore existing measurements when the tool is reactivated.


  • Store the ViewCube views as persistent preferences.
  • Avatar Extension: An extension that displays an avatar on a 2D sheet, based on a target viewer’s 3D camera.
  • Added switch for free measure in the measurement settings panel.
  • Added measureExt.deleteMeasurements to remove all measurements.
  • Support for Standard Surface materials in SVF via the Autodesk.StandardSurface extension
  • waitForLoadDone and isLoadDone methods to Viewer3D API


  • After zooming is done, there is a delay in restarting progressive rendering.
  • 3D objects are not focused when you select an object from a 2D sheet and view it in 3D.
  • computeObjectBounds function did not work as expected for selection proxies.
  • Minimap Extension: Sheet remained visible when toggling during the zoom-in transition.
  • Fixed an issue on mobile devices when a touch event doesn’t contain e.target.className.
  • Unable to snap to a specific PDF document.
  • Fixed double encoding of urls in PDFLoader.
  • Standard Surface materials with transmission maps now render with correct transparency


  • Remove blue highlight when selecting the x, y or z section planes.

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