31 Jan 2020

Viewer Release Notes: V7.11

viewer new version


Release Date: 2020-1-30


  • ExtensionAutodesk.AEC.Minimap3D features a new level selection dropdown UI.


  • Method GuiViewer3D.registerCustomizeToolbarCB(callbackFunction) to register a callback function that gets invoked each time the viewer gets resized. The callback’s signature is function (viewer, width, height). The callback function is also invoked whenever a new extension gets loaded.
  • Settings Panel option that enables/disables line-animations when loading PDF files.
  • Profile setting value avp.Prefs2D.LOADING_ANIMATION can be used programmatically to control whether line-animations are enabled for PDF files.
  • A context menu entry that allows users to select an object from a 2D sheet and view it in 3D.
  • Support for options.priority into viewer.addEventListener(eventId, callback, options). Allows callbacks with higher priorities to be invoked first.
  • MeasureExtension.setMeasurements() function restores measurements that were saved by the MeasureExtension.getMeasurementList() api.
  • Support for rendering PDF fill image patterns.




  • Extension Autodesk.AEC.Minimap3D is now localized.
  • Runtime error in model.getPageToModelTransform() when viewports are not available.
  • Fix issue where BimMarkups extension could not load a non-standard arrow-callout markup.
  • Fixed an issue loading the viewer from data urls
  • getPropertiesSubsetWithInheritance function was not returning properties correctly for objects that had more than one subset property
  • Do not show the blue section plane when restoring a viewer state that contains cutplanes.
  • Viewer no longer pollutes css className .card, which clashes with Bootstrap’s css.
  • Release memory on viewer.finish()
  • MSDF text not clipped correctly.


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