22 Jan 2020

Viewer Release Notes: V7.10

viewer new version


Release Date 2020-01-16


  • Added a new Clipping implementation for PDFs with performance improvement.


  • A new Preference value avp.Prefs3D.EXPLODE_STRATEGY to control which algorithm (hierarchical or radial) gets used when using the explode feature.
  • Blending Mode support for PDFs.
  • This version will attempt to initialize using a WebGL2 and will fallback into WebGL1.


  • PDF background turns black when it’s white in the source PDF.
  • “Open properties on select” setting does not work on multiple models.
  • PDF opened as raster instead of vector.
  • BimWalk toolbar button doesn’t work when you change the navigation tool programmatically.
  • Explode tool is not working well for manufacturing-specific models.
  • WebGL errors when rendering section outlines as a 2D material in a 3D material world when using WebGL2 context.
  • Snapping to arc centers was broken.

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Jaime Rosales

Jaime Rosales

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