21 Nov 2019

Viewer Release Notes: v 7.7



Release Date: 2019-11-21



  • Extension Autodesk.PropertiesManager now controls addition of the Property Panel’s toolbar button. GuiViewer3D loads the extension by default.
  • PDF supports measurement from the center of a circle.


  • Fix modelMemoryTracker bug where getByteLength returns undefined.
  • Propagate error when PDF file fails to load.
  • Fixed a regression in WebGLRenderer that caused occasionally missing meshes.
  • Animation shows objects that should be invisible.
  • Fix transform translations when using placement transform.
  • HyperlinkTool error when loading DWG.
  • Load option “applyScaling”: ‘mm’ is forcing all fragments to origin.
  • Performance issue with 2d selection.
  • PDF text was not getting cropped correctly.
  • HyperlinkTool error when loading DWG.
  • Display view properties in the property panel when a view is selected.
  • Glyph rendering transformation issue in PDF.
  • Transparent texts shows up in black in the PDF document.
  • Color UI for 4 arrows on ViewCube compass.
  • Vector PDF cannot be calibrated on iOS.
  • Error propagation when failing to load a PDF file.
  • Duplicate entries in Layers Panel when option underlayRaster was enabled.


Release Date: 2019-11-11


  • Prevent ViewCube’s Compass from displaying by default in non-AEC models.

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