30 Jul 2019

Viewer Release Notes: v 7.1

viewer release



Release Date: 2019-07-30


  • Hyperlinks in PDF files will now preview destination page on hover.
  • Autodesk.Section extension will now take into account the cut planes set by viewer.setCutPlanes().
  • Progress bar renders blue only when the memory limited extension is active (not just loaded)
  • BimWalk no longer disables the section tool.
  • Markup error handler returns error key as the second parameter.


  • Autodesk.BIM360.GestureDocumentNavigation extension.
  • Autodesk.BIM360.RollCamera extension.
  • Autodesk.BIM360.Minimap extension.
  • Extension.load() may now return a Promise.
  • Thumbnail view to Autodesk.DocumentBrowser extension.
  • Context menu option “Section Box”. Places a section box around the selected model object(s). Autodesk.Section#setSectionBox
  • Context menu option “Section Plane”. Places a section plane at the selected point. Autodesk.Section#setSectionPlane
  • Multiple model support to methods viewer.getState() and viewer.restoreState().
  • Method model.getProperties2(...) which will avoid including externalId data in the result set. This speeds fetching property data and reduces memory footprint when externalId values are not required.
  • Method model.getBulkProperties2(...). Similar benefits to model.getProperties2(...).


  • Minimap3DExtension: Fix missing view node.
  • Send correct tool with TOOL_CHANGE_EVENT event
  • A trap that caused directional zoom when using own tools
  • Runtime error when unloading a Leaflet model.
  • Measure: Fix measurement type changing bug.
  • Extensions no longer load twice on first load when using viewer.loadDocumentNode()
  • The entire model getting selected when you select a group node in the model browser while using geometry consolidation.
  • Runtime error when URL contains “viewermemory” parameter.
  • 2D models not loading properly in the Firefox browser.
  • Progress bar initial width.



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