24 Apr 2019

Viewer Release Notes: v 6.6

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Release Date: 2019-04-23


  • LMV-4399: Section tool will now take into account the camera‚Äôs viewport during initialization


  • Support for Autodesk.AEC.LevelsExtension on mobile platforms.
  • Support for Autodesk.BIM360.Extension.PushPin (pushpins) and Autodesk.PDF (vector PDF).
  • Pushpin thumbnail & screenshots enhancements.
  • Method rearrangeByPriorities to toolController API.
  • Handler for swipe gesture.
  • LMV-4218: config3d.modelBrowserIsolateSelectedNodes to configure the Model Browser to isolate the selected nodes or not (default is set to not isolate it).
  • DockingPanel.bringToFront()


  • LMV-4218: Transparent selection highlighting


  • LMV-2958: Selection highlights for 2D are not transparent and obscured annotations
  • LMV-4308: Section tool cuts plane partially if state was saved with viewer.getState()
  • LMV-4338: Rendering of rotated images in PDF Extension
  • LMV-4308: Section tool cuts plane partially after using viewer.restoreState()
  • LMV-4150: Dialog title gets truncated
  • LMV-4140: The camera cannot be tilted in first person mode if the initial point of view is looking straight down or up at the model
  • LMV-4428: Reduce hitTest when mouse hovering on the canvas


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