21 Oct 2020

Viewer loading has a new look

New Viewer Version

The Viewer now shows a spinner on the loading screen with the message, “Powered by Autodesk Forge”.



The Forge Viewer is used by many Autodesk partners and customers to create custom applications. Beginning in version 7.28, there is a new loading icon. The “Powered by Autodesk Forge” spinner brings forward the underlying Autodesk technology being used to help users visualize their data, and reinforces the trust partners have in Autodesk when choosing Forge as the platform on which to build their solutions. See the change log for additional details. 


How much time does this add to loading my models?  

Before version 7.28, the loading screen displays three moving dots while loading the model’s information. The new loading spinner does not add any time to loading, as there are no changes on existing applications.  

How will this affect my existing layout?  

The spinner is rendered inside the Viewer space, so it won’t affect other page components, even if your page has its own loading page. And it works seamlessly across all supported browsers and devices. 

Why is this important?  

This addition guarantees to our customers that the data was processed and is being visualized with technology from Autodesk, the same company that brings you a trusted suite of desktop and cloud products.  


Have more questions? Please contact the Forge support team

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