15 Nov 2019

UPDATE: VR Zone at Forge DevCon / Autodesk University, Monday


Here's a recap video of the event:  Check it out:




Want to try the new Oculus Quest during AU/Forge DevCon  ?

If you haven't tried the Oculus Quest, then check out the 'VR-Zone' at AU/Forge DevCon on Monday - the Forge DevCon Expo Hall is twice as big as last year!  Find the VR Zone here:



The VR Demo - just "point at it"

The VR Zone will be showing a big collaborative demo using VR, this AU...

But this year, it's a little different.

"No Wires"

Yup, that's right.  Unlike previous years, this year, we're using new VR hardware, so there are no cables, no wires. Nada.  
You're free to walk around with your whole team in VR, and not bump into the team next to you!


And yes, bring your whole team. We'll have enough Quests for everyone!


Imagine your entire team, inspecting a hospital room in virtual space, using the new BIM360 integration from InsiteVR.  The demo is a showcase to VR as a powerful new communication tool for your team.

In the construction industry, where a miscommunication costs money, and sometimes the only way to explain the problem is to just 'point at it' (in VR, of course).

Take a look at the diagram on the right.

Imagine walking around a large space like this one, and ducking under low-hanging piping or "reaching in" to try to access a faulty valve.  

There's even a 'Speech to Text' feature, where you don't need a keyboard to type... Instead, you just speak and place your yellow sticky note, a BIM360 issue, right on the spot you want.


So, look for the guys wearing InsiteVR T-shirts.  

They will help guide you through this virtual room, an "Aviation Construction Site".

You'll be able to see multiple people in the room, and see any sticky notes created, pop up in your favorite BIM360 dashboard.



Hope to see you there!


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