24 Aug 2023

Stopped getting webhook callbacks

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If you stopped getting (or never got any) callbacks to your system from our webhooks then it tends to be because our servers cannot reach your system.

Slow response

It could be caused by e.g. your system just not responding in time, again and again, so our system eventually gives up on trying to call the endpoint you provided. 

Invalid SSL certificate 

It is also possible that your server's SSL certificate is now invalid or was not set up properly. An easy way to check that is through a tool like Postman. Try to send a POST request to your endpoint with a kind of payload it's expecting. Then check if the response reports any issues concerning your server's certificate.

SSL certificate issue


Another problem could be that your system is blocking calls coming from outside unless the source URL is allow-listed.

The easiest way to check if the issue is with our system or not, is to use a callback URL like the ones provided by https://webhook.site/ and check if the messages show up there. If they do, then most likely our system cannot reach your server.

Using webhook.site for testing


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