27 Apr 2022

Share your thoughts with the Forge team!

The Forge Developer Experience Research team would like to learn more about your use of the Forge platform and your experience with other developer platforms and communities.  Your feedback will help the Forge team identify opportunities to improve the overall Forge developer experience. You'll receive a digital gift card for completing the survey and joining the Autodesk Research Community where you'll hear about upcoming opportunities to give us feedback on the Forge platform.


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For questions, email edward.deguzman@autodesk.com

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Edward De Guzman

Edward leads customer and strategic research for Forge as Senior Manager of the Forge Experience Design Research team. Since joining Autodesk in 2010, he has worked with several web and mobile product teams including the Forge Viewer, Autodesk Drive, Fusion 360 and BIM 360. Today, Edward and his team of researchers connects with customers regularly to understand what is working well and what are opportunities to...