17 Aug 2017

ProtoTech Solutions implements CADshare via Autodesk Forge

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ProtoTech Solutions is a software development company, a Forge ISV partner, and a preferred system integration partner focused on engineering software. ProtoTech assisted with the integration of the Forge platform into CADshare, an online spare parts management system that features browser-based 3D visualization of complex mechanical machinery to simplify the identification and ordering of spare parts.

CADShare (the company) needed a browser-based application for construction machine parts that would render 3D CAD visualizations that operators could review from desktop or mobile devices. ProtoTech needed to develop the solution quickly, minimize costs, and provide support for multiple file types. Instead of building a viewing feature from scratch, ProtoTech leveraged the Forge Viewer to provide the 3D visualization capabilities that its client required. The ProtoTech team also used the Model Derivative API to translate multiple file types, enabling customers to view complex 3D manuals for easy part identification.

The Forge Viewer saved ProtoTech valuable resources during CADShare development because it comes equipped with the ability to render complex 2D and 3D models that can be viewed on any device equipped with a browser. Rather than search for code in public GitHubs that might help them translate file formats, the Model Derivative API enabled ProtoTech to translate multiple file types provided by CADShare's vendors while guaranteeing stability and high performance. As the Autodesk formats are translated by Autodesk, 100% fidelity is maintained. ProtoTech met its client's feature requirements and need for a cost-effective solution that integrated easily with its purchasing platform.

Request a demo of CADShare for yourself to see Autodesk Forge in action, thanks to ProtoTech.


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