15 Oct 2022

Parameters API: Call for Beta Testing Participation

The Parameters Service is a new feature currently offered as technology preview in Revit and Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC). It allows you to manage the definitions of custom parameters in the cloud. You can store the collection of parameter definitions in Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC), and use it from Revit in the similar manner that you use shared parameters in Revit.      

Parameters API is an API behind this feature. It is REST API, and allows you to read/write parameter definitions and tags stored in ACC. We are currently conducting beta testing for Parameters API. If you are interested in this feature and willing to test and give feedback, please contact us.

Private Beta
Call for participation

Sept. 26th ~ Nov. 4th, 2022
Send an e-mail to: parameters.api.beta@autodesk.com
Title: “Interested in Parameters API Beta Testing”


The Parameter Service is simple, yet, very useful feature. Although it is used only by Revit currently, it has a lot of potential to extend the usage; for example, defining custom attributes in Assets module. We’d also like to hear from you if you have ideas.

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