17 Oct 2017

New Forge Fund Investment: Congratulations Project Frog

Project Frog, a leading technology and building systems provider, today announced an alliance with Autodesk (NASDAQ: ADSK) to develop a transformational cloud-based platform to standardize and simplify data flow between the architecture studio, the factory and the jobsite. The agreement, which will strengthen the industrialized construction movement, is made possible through an investment from the Autodesk Forge Fund. As a current and active member of the Autodesk Forge community, the funding from Autodesk will accelerate the efforts of both companies to create a connected ecosystem, linking architectural design to industrial fabrication. Currently, Project Frog utilizes the Forge platform to push tighter integration between their own internally developed web tools and core Autodesk applications (particularly around Revit, Fusion 360 and Fusion Lifecycle).

“The reality of the building industry today is it’s facing unprecedented demand and scarcity of skilled labor,” said Drew Buechley, CEO of Project Frog. “In this climate, prefabrication is essential to delivering new buildings quickly and economically, while still offering a high degree of customization, competitive pricing and a quick turnaround. The only way to accomplish this is to use technology to simplify the process of moving a project from design to manufacturing, and then to the jobsite."

Autodesk and Project Frog Collaboration

The Autodesk and Project Frog collaboration will create a common data environment to streamline design and engineering processes, and optimize architectural design for manufacturing. The end-to-end system will ensure every project stakeholder has access to the most recent data, eliminating the need for manual updates, and reducing the typical churn associated with coordinating across professional disciplines. This design-to-fabrication ecosystem will leverage Autodesk’s industry-leading cloud platform and Building Information Modeling (BIM) leadership to integrate disparate workflows – enabling architects and structural engineers to mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) professionals, fabricators and contractors – to quickly and collaboratively develop and document projects. "What we are building with Autodesk is expected to be a truly revolutionary solution," said Drew Buechley, CEO of Project Frog, "enabling architecture, engineering and construction professionals to reap efficiency gains in the production of custom prefabricated buildings.” More information about the Forge Fund investment and the future software collaboration between Project Frog and Autodesk can be found here.

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