22 May 2023

New App & Usage Insights Dashboard for AppStore Publishers

App & Usage Insights Dashboard

Hello folks, Vasini Govindarajan here to tell you all about some exciting updates for the Autodesk App Store!  

The Autodesk App Store  takes pride in its commitment to helping its software users discover and access a wide range of 3rd party developer capabilities. We believe in fostering a thriving ecosystem where developers can create innovative apps that enhance the Autodesk experience for those users. 

With 2.7m annual visitors, 1.3m unique downloads and 250k monthly active users, the Autodesk App Store provides the developer community huge opportunities to:   

  • Reach Autodesk's broad user base 

  • Accelerate business growth with actionable insights such as usage analytics and reviews 

  • Identify new business opportunities 

When you publish an app on the Autodesk App Store, we offer you a general statistics dashboard which helps you make data driven decisions for your apps.   

We understand that it is of the utmost importance for you as a publisher to 

  • Identify who is using your apps 

  • Monitor how apps are performing   

  • Leverage key app statistics to make strategic decisions   

Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we have listened attentively to your needs. With that, we are excited to introduce the new and updated Publisher Analytics Dashboard 

We built this dashboard on technology that makes it faster and more reliable for your data needs and with the goal of driving more insight for developers that publish on the App Store. 

What’s new  

  • Publisher and App Status: The dashboard displays the publisher's information and indicates which apps are currently in review. It also serves as a reminder to submit any apps that might still be in draft mode. 

  • Usage Report Enhancements: The Usage Report has been improved by adding new fields such as country, job title, and company name. These additions allow publishers to gain better insights into their app user demographics.  

  • App Views: 

    • Sort by Downloads View: Snapshot view to rank and compare the relative popularity among multiple apps produced 

    • Summary View with App-Specific drilldowns: A comprehensive overview of key app statistics, including the average rating 

  • API-first Approach: The new Dashboard has been built with an API-first approach, emphasizing the importance of providing APIs to App Store publishers. This means that publishers will have access to APIs to integrate the Dashboard's functionalities into their own systems or applications. 

  • Existing Features: The dashboard retains important existing features, such as localization support for 14 languages, downloads, revenue, and sales statistics. Publishers can continue to monitor these metrics and track their app's performance. 

  • Future Additions: Statistics like views and conversion rates etc.  

What’s coming up for the App Store   

Our next area of focus is improving web-app experiences including access and submission workflows. 

Contact us here if you are interested in shaping the future of the App Store or if you have any questions or feedback.  In the meantime, feel free to check out us App Store Publisher Guide for useful resources about publishing on the AppStore. 


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