18 Dec 2017

Modern Machine Shop: What’s Your Place in the Future of Making?

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Matt Danford is the Senior Editor for Modern Machine Shop Magazine. Based on his attendance at Autodesk University, he recently posted an article entitled "What's Your Place in the Future of Making?"

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Read the article

As someone working with Autodesk Forge, my favorite part was:

"Another common thread among many of these disparate users is Autodesk's open-architecture, cloud-based data-sharing platform, Forge, which forms the foundation of the company's various software offerings. Based on the presentations and demonstrations at AU, promoting this application commercially — pushing it as a foundation upon which companies in virtually any industry and at any node in the supply chain can build workflows, share data and communicate and collaborate throughout a product's production cycle — is a chief priority for Autodesk."

Autodesk has always been an automation company, and today more than ever that means helping people make more things, better things, with less; more and better in terms of increasing efficiency, performance, quality, and innovation; less in terms of time, resources, and negative impacts (e.g., social, environmental). Forge is absolutely part of our plans to make that happen.


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