26 Jan 2018

Model Derivative IFC issues

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UPDATE January 26th 2018:

All three of these IFC->SVF issues are now fixed. Please test your applications and let us know (via forge.help@autodesk.com) if you experience any other problems.

Sorry again for any inconvenience this may have caused you or your customers.


We're receiving reports from some Forge customers of unexpected changes to the Model Derivative IFC->SFV (Viewer) pipeline. The reported changes are:

  1. Materials and textures not being extracted.
  2. The model orientation in the resulting SVF is changed for IFC files from some sources.
  3. The Model Tree structure has changed.

Our engineering team are investigating these issues as a high priority. We will post an update on this blog once we have identified a solution. I apologize for any problems these changes have caused you.

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