2 Nov 2020

Meet the Forge Hackathon judges

Are you ready for next week's Forge Hackathon? Your judges are! These 5 experts come to you from Tesla, Scaled Robotics, ofcdesk, Assembly OSM, and SHoP Architects, and they have the very difficult task of choosing winners in each of the challenge categories:

  • Best data visualization application – How easy is it to understand your CAD data visually? High performers in this category should showcase a clean, simple solution that makes it easy to bring forward the most valuable data at the right time.
  • Most innovative Digital Twin application – How smart is your digital twin? Is it something we've never seen before? Does it offer best-in-class monitoring and analysis?
  • Best workflow automation application – How many tedious, manual processes can be automated? The Forge Design Automation APIs offer many services to help you automate repetitive tasks, freeing up time and energy to focus on more complex workflows. 
  • Thinking outside the box with a BIM application – We're looking for the most creative ways to interact with a BIM model, while adding significant value to the user workflow. Think about your BIM manager - what would they love to be able to do, but never in a million years think was possible? 
  • Best 3D game application – This is your chance to get creative with the three.js library. Ever wanted to play Space Invaders in your Forge Viewer? How about PacMan in your 2D drawings? Have fun with this one!
  • And of course, one overall Best of the Best application


Meet your Forge Hackathon judges

Jacqueline Rohrmann

Design Manager at Tesla

Jacqueline Rohrmann

Jacqueline is a design manager at Tesla with a background in computational engineering and BIM. Working on Gigafactory Berlin, she is seeing every day how much can be achieved if you work in an innovative way, and with drive. So she is excited to see all the amazing, ambitious ideas realized over the short period of the Forge Hackathon. But she wants you to remember to definitely have a little bit of fun with it. This year has been serious enough, we can all use a little bit of lightheartedness.


Fernando Malard

CTO at ofcdesk

Fernando Malard

Fernando is a Civil Engineer with Master Degree in Structural Engineering and has been the CTO at ofcdesk for more than 12 years. He has been an Autodesk ADN member for more than 23 years and has extensive knowledge working with AutoCAD, Revit and now Forge APIs. He is proficient in software design, architecture and development using C,C++,C# and many other languages. He has been teaching for more than 25 years in conferences like Autodesk University about CAD, BIM, programming and software technologies. As an early adopter of the Forge platform APIs, he is eager to see what crafty developers can do with all its new features, since the platform has evolved a lot.

He is also a Karate black belt, which helps him to stay focused and calm during stressful moments (I imagine this has come in very useful over the past year).


Adam Chernick

Director at SHoP Architects

Adam Chernick

Adam leads software development for virtual and augmented reality at SHoP Architects. His team builds new applications to connect designs and data to the built environment.  Before software development, Adam led design technology and coordination on several large projects including the GroupM Global Headquarters, in World Trade Center 3.  His experience on the design and documentation side of the industry informs software development. Adam has built applications for clients and projects around the world and has launched applications for both iOS and Android. He is a frequent speaker on the implications of emerging technology in AEC and has had applications written up in publications including The New York Times, AEC Magazine, and Architects Newspaper. When he isn’t creating applications, he is building partnerships and collaborations with technology companies and learning about fun new tech.

Adam is really excited to see what sorts of solutions people come up with for Data Visualization, Digital Twins and Workflow Automation. He loves the Idea of turning 100 clicks into 1 click and is very much looking forward to seeing that happen! His ideal project will be innovative but he is most excited when the tech addresses a true business problem. 

He also loves snowboarding, grapefruit juice and dumplings, though not all at the same time.


Stuart Maggs

CEO and Co-Founder of Scaled Robotics

Stuart Maggs

Stuart is the CEO and Co-Founder of Scaled Robotics, a Barcelona-based startup automating progress monitoring and quality control. An Architect by training, Stuart is passionate about construction technology and the built environment. He is really looking forward to seeing all the amazing results at the end of the hackathon.

Stuart is obsessed with the Instagram channel Cats Doing Things--it’s just cats doing things! Simple and elegant.


Christopher Morse

Lead XR Developer at Assembly OSM

Christopher Morse

Christopher is a lead developer of interactive visualization at Assembly OSM and a visiting lecturer in the Department of Architecture at Cornell University. He focuses on R&D to integrate XR technologies into all phases of the building design process. His work includes large scale virtual reality walk-throughs, real-time connections between interactive visualizations and CAD software, and tools to assist architects to analyze, evaluate, and communicate design decisions. Prior to his work at Assembly, he helped develop the Interactive Visualization team at SHoP Architects, and was a researcher at the Program of Computer Graphics at Cornell University. 

Christopher is always amazed at the creativity and excitement that hackathons can produce, and is excited to see tools used in new ways that he has never thought of before. He also once ran the NYC Marathon while dressed as a banana. Because why not?


Don't forget to tune in to the Hackathon Showcase to see the results! November 18th at 8 AM PST. If you haven't already, register for Autodesk University 2020 to ensure a spot in the Hackathon Showcase.

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