8 Jun 2021

Last chance to join an Accelerator before the end of the year

Thuvaraiyam Pathi

As our teams prepare for Autodesk University 2021, we are nearing the end of our current season of Virtual Accelerators. If you are looking for admittance into the Forge Accelerator program, your last chance before October will be the upcoming Thuvaraiyam Pathi Virtual Accelerator, taking place from June 21-25.


Make sure you apply as soon as possible to increase your chances of acceptance.


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What is a Forge Accelerator?

A Forge Accelerator is a week-long opportunity for developers to work intensively on a project of their choosing with direct help from Autodesk's Forge support and development teams. In addition to providing access to the Autodesk Forge team, Accelerators provide a variety of networking events for participants to get to know industry peers and experts.


Due to current travel restrictions, our Forge Accelerators have gone virtual. While we do miss seeing you in-person, the great thing about Virtual Accelerators is that they are completely global events! You'll have access to the entire Forge support team across the world, at all hours of the day. 

For an in-depth look at what you can expect from a Virtual Accelerator, check out the recap from our very first Metropolis Virtual Accelerator.


Who should attend a Forge Accelerator?

If you are a creative developer who wants to spend dedicated time working on your Forge project, you should absolutely attend! Many of our developers attend along with a designer on their team, though it's not required. Most of our attendees enjoy a distraction free, completely immersive environment with 1-on-1 help from Forge experts, and end the week with a working proof of concept.


What can you expect from a Forge Accelerator?

Cost to attend

There are no fees to apply or register, and with Virtual Accelerators there is no cost associated with attendance. When these events are held in person again, attendees are responsible for their travel, food, and accommodations.


The week at a glance

Kick off the week with introductions, API overviews, and updates from Forge experts. Then get right to it—roll up your sleeves and start coding. Autodesk engineering team members are on hand to troubleshoot and guide you through project issues and challenges. At the end of the week, you will present your prototype to the Forge experts and other attendees.

In addition, you can take advantage of:

  • Autodesk product and development team expertise
  • A focus on important aspects of cloud development
  • Exchanging ideas with developers and industry peers
  • Fun outings like dinner, sporting events, tours, etc. (if in-person)


Can't attend June's Accelerator, but want to apply for a future event? Keep an eye on the page for the new schedule.


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