28 May 2020

Introducing 90-day Forge Trials

Autodesk currently offers users free trial access to get started developing on the Forge platform to evaluate it prior to committing to purchase. Beginning today, Forge free trials will move to 90-day free trials. Users will still receive 100 Cloud Credits and 5 GB or storage.


Based on how users have been utilizing Cloud Credits and advancing through the trial, 90-days has been identified as the sweet spot for trial length. What makes it sweet? 90 days enables users to get their applications up and running as well as provides a good threshold for users to estimate their usage.


As a part of this shift, new onboarding communications will be rolling out soon to help users get up and running even faster.


If you are already signed up for a one year free trial with 100 Cloud Credits, not to worry. This change will not impact you. Those who have signed up for a trial prior to this change will have the one-year, 100 Cloud Credit model honored.


If you have questions, reach out to the team anytime at forge.help@autodesk.com


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