10 Feb 2022

Forge pricing changes are here

Upcoming Forge pricing changes

The following information is not intended for customers who access Forge via a Token Flex Enterprise Business Agreement (EBA). Information about token rate changes will be communicated to EBA customers separately and can be found here. Please check with your account manager if you have questions.


This article is to notify Forge users that there are upcoming changes to Forge API pricing that will begin to take effect March 29, 2022 at midnight GMT. Please note only these pricing changes are happening at this time. Forge is not moving to Flex at this time. To purchase Cloud Credits visit https://forge.autodesk.com/pricing.


Autodesk has introduced a new pay as you go model for most cloud products and day-use software called Flex. Over the coming year, we will be making a series of changes to the Forge sign-up, trial and annual subscription workflows in order to migrate Forge consumers to use Flex tokens (replacing the Cloud Credits used today). The end result of this will be a simpler experience for you to sign up for Forge and to purchase additional consumption tokens. However, the complexity of the work to do this requires that we make these changes in phases, and we appreciate your understanding during the migration process. If you experience any inconvenience or confusion about these migration steps, please contact us at forge.sales@autodesk.com. We have a team of experts available and ready to help you. Please note, we are not moving to Flex at this time.


The first step of the migration will take place on March 29, 2022 and involves a change to the pricing and purchasing models for Cloud Credits: 

  1. Cloud Credits will be repriced from  $1 USD per Cloud Credit (or local equivalent) to $3 USD per Cloud Credit (or local equivalent). 

  1. Cloud Credits for use with Forge will only be available to purchase directly from Autodesk, and will no longer be available for purchasing via the Autodesk eStore or Autodesk partners. 


To accommodate the repricing of Cloud Credits, we are updating our Forge API consumption prices (in Cloud Credits). Below is the new pricing that will automatically come into effect on March 29, 2022. Please note, a brief downtime may occur when these changes take effect, on March 29 at 00:00 GMT (March 28 at 5 PM PDT).


Pricing is in Cloud Credits (nominally $3 USD per Cloud Credit) 

Translation table

*Processing an IFC model using the Model Derivative API will now be classified as a Complex job. This was previously a classified as a Simple job. For more information on Complex and Simple jobs, check out the pricing page.

The new Reality Capture API pricing of 1 Cloud Credit per Gigapixel will go into effect on or after March 29, 2022. 


As the Forge Cloud Credit to Flex token migration progresses, we will continue to notify you in advance of any changes both through the Forge blog and by email. 


FAQs that might help answer your immediate questions: 


Q. What is Flex and can I use it for my Forge consumption?

A. Flex is a new unit of currency used for things like day use of Autodesk software products. Forge does not currently accept Flex tokens as payment for Forge consumption. You can get more information on Flex by visiting this website.


Q. Can you help me understand the effect of these changes on my total Forge consumption charges? 

A.If you need further help understanding how these changes will affect you, then please email forge.sales@autodesk.com.  


Q. What happens if I accidentally run out of Cloud Credits?  

A.  If you accidentally run out of Cloud Credits, we will not suspend your Forge access until we have notified the Forge account owner by email and given at least two weeks to respond. 


Q. What happens to the Cloud Credits I purchased before March 29? 

A. Any existing Cloud Credit balance you carry through March 29 (including the 100 Cloud Credits bundled with your annual Forge subscription) will continue to be available to you,  until you have consumed your balance or until they expire. 


Q. What happens to the price of my Forge subscription? 

A. Your Forge subscription will continue to include 100 Cloud Credits, and your annual Forge subscription cost will change to reflect the updated price of Cloud Credits. A Forge subscription that cost $100 USD (or local equivalent) will now cost $300 USD (or local equivalent). 


Q. What happens if I only use Forge APIs that have no consumption fee? 

A. Only the Forge APIs that currently have a consumption rate are affected by these price changes. We are not adding consumption rates to any new APIs at this time. 


Q. What should I do if I have further questions? 

A. We know change is never easy, so we want to keep the line of communication open. Feel free to reach out to us at forge.sales@autodesk.com with any questions. 

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