30 Oct 2020

Forge for Manufacturing Leadership Presentation at Autodesk University

Forge live at AU

The manufacturing world is getting more connected, smarter, and more efficient. The transformation was happening before COVID – now it’s taking place at warp speed.


We’re so impressed with the ways our customers are using data to reinvent how products are designed and made. That’s what the Forge for Manufacturing Leadership Presentation at Autodesk University is all about. From creating digital twins that offer real-time insights into factory performance to connecting workflows and processes that were once fragmented, Forge’s cloud platform is enabling many of the new ways of making.


We want to give you a sneak peek of how. In Forge for Manufacturing, you’ll hear from Moicon, which is using Forge to bridge the physical and virtual worlds. Their solution uses IoT-enabled machinery to help factories track activity and improve efficiency on the spot. You also get a firsthand account from American Air Filters, which has designed a configurator solution that streamlines sales, taking into account space and effectiveness to help design custom units. Toshiba Elevators has also built a configurator. They’re taking design, manufacturing, and installation processes that were completely separate and manual and making them connected, automated, and seamless from start to finish.


What’s the process or workflow that’s jamming up your business? Think about it and then head to our Forge Industry Destination page to check out Forge for Manufacturing to see how you can take your own digital transformation to the next level. Leading the presentation are Srinath Jonnalagadda, Vice President of GTM for Design & Manufacturing, and Brian Roepke, Senior Director and Head of Product for Forge. The all-virtual conference will be online starting November 17, and you can attend at no cost when you register here.


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