4 Nov 2020

Forge Fire Faceoff, exclusively at Autodesk University

This year at Autodesk University the event has gone fully virtual, which means we have to find interesting ways to spice things up. Each year in the past we have introduced our leadership to you on the keynote stage as well as during a fireside chat. Well, this year we decided to take that fireside chat idea and light it on fire. Literally.


We decided to host a spicy game show called the Forge Fire Faceoff. Here you will meet Greg Fallon, VP of Platform and Technology at Autodesk, as he battles 10 hot sauces alongside 10 even spicier questions. Forge Fire Faceoff Scoville Scale

We meet Greg in Portland, Oregon where he has to come face to face with a plate of hot chicken wings. We then ask him a question with each wing he takes, while the sauces get progressively spicier as we proceed. 


Tune in to hear our host, Whitney Lawrence, Marketing Program Manager, chat with Greg about things like the new Platform and Technology group, convergence, diversity, the future of Forge and so much more. You can also catch other Autodesk leadership cameos from Susanna Holt, VP of the Forge Platform, Scott Reese, SVP of Manufacturing, Cloud, and Production Products, and Scott Borduin, CTO.


Catch the full show below.




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