9 Dec 2017

Forge DevCon 2017 class recordings now available

Recordings of the presentations from Forge DevCon 2017 in Las Vegas are now available on the AU Online website. The recording library should include every class presented on Monday and most of the joint DevCon/AU classes presented on Tuesday, and can be watched online or downloaded. Many recordings are accompanied by additional downloadable material, such as handouts, slide decks and sample code. Thank you to all the speakers who contributed their expertise to make this Forge DevCon successful, and to fill this great knowledge repository.

This link takes you to a list of all the classes tagged as Forge DevCon Las Vegas 2017 - 


You'll notice this library includes recordings for the Forge DevCon keynotes, but we recommend you watch the alternative (and better) recordings for those at https://forge.autodesk.com/devcon-2017#keynotes.






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