22 Jul 2019

Forge Design Automation for 3ds Max step-by-step tutorial and SIGGRAPH 2019

The 3ds Max engineering product team has produced a step-by-step tutorial that our docs team recently published. Check it out here. Design Automation V3 is still listed in beta, but we have had a lot of great feedback for the three new engines: Inventor, Revit and 3ds Max. Because we are still in beta, remember when browsing into the V3 docs you will have to pay attention to version. For example, when going into the Developer's Guide, you will typically land here. For the beta version 3, change the v2->v3 and you'll come into the new docs. Also notice there are new step-by-step guides for Revit and Inventor. This content will change throughout the beta cycle, so come back regularly and don't be surprised to find more improvements and changes here in coming weeks.

A couple of things to note... This step-by-step tutorial is currently showing 3ds Max 2019 as an example. Currently 2018, 2019 and 2020 are all available. We have two other resources for .NET Core/ASP here and as part of the "Learn Forge" site here. Both of those are using 3ds Max 2020 (and the .NET plugin needs 2020, unless you make a few code changes. (Ping me if you need help)). One of our engineering guys also has a nice postman tutorial here

SIGGRAPH 2019 is also only a week away. If you are planning to attend, the Forge ADN DevTech M&E team will be there! Myself, Chen Xi Li, Denis Grigor, and Lanh Hong will be in the Autodesk booth during the week demoing Forge topics, including Forge Design Automation for 3ds Max. We also have a talk during the Autodesk Sponsored Vision series. For the full Autodesk agenda check out here. We will be in the Autodesk booth during the following exhibition hours: Tues 11-12, 2-3, 5-6; Wed 11-12, 2-3, 5-6; Thur 11-12, 2-3. Stop by and say hi! Hope to see you there!


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