22 May 2024

Explore Data Model APIs with our free online training for software developers! July 16-17, 2024

What is it?

Autodesk Platform Services (APS) Online Bootcamp is an online training for software developers in the basics of APS development. Our developer advocates will live-code various APS applications and answer your questions as you follow their steps.

The event will take place July 16-17, 2024 (Tuesday and Wednesday). You can either attend one day or both. Attendance is free of charge.

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Who is it for? 

If you are just getting started with Autodesk Data Model APIs or looking to refresh your APS development skills, this event is for you!

There are a few prerequisites to join the event - see the section below.

How does it work

Each day of the event will be dedicated to a specific topic.

For each topic there will be a 3-hour class in the Central European Time zone and another 3-hour class in the Pacific Time zone, so that you can choose the time that works best for you.

  • Day 1: Manufacturing Data Model (GraphQL)
  • Day 2: AEC Data Model (GraphQL)

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Day 1: Manufacturing Data Model API

  • Fusion Team hub access: Personal hub is not enough; Team hub is needed - see the image below.

prereq_mfg data model api

  • Fusion models: if you don’t have your own models yet, you can open and save the sample models in your project using “File” -> “Save As” inside Fusion.

Day 2: AEC Data Model API

  • Access to an Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) Hub (AMER). If you don’t have an ACC Docs subscription, you can find options for getting a test account in this blog
  • Revit 2024/2025 designs

If you have the ACC Docs license, please follow these steps to prepare for the training.

Step 1: Enable your ACC account to have access to the AEC Data Model. You either need to be an Account admin or ask your Account admin to do that.
Step 2: Add the AEC Data Model Explorer Client ID “HKVjhUXySDGLGJimolxAgDdpoCuZLlql” to your ACC Account Custom Integrations using the steps mentioned here.
Step 3: Make sure you have a permission to view the project files in ACC Docs.

See details on the registration page

Contact us 

If you have any questions about the event, feel free to reach out to our team


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