15 Jan 2018

DevDays online, register now!

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Join the annual Autodesk Developer Network (ADN) for a series of seven DevDays Webinars that begin on February 6th.

DevDays Online is a great way keep up to date with new and upcoming technology and features. After the introductory business-oriented session that will review Autodesk’s business growth curves—past, present, and future—most of the webinars will focus on desktop application development, and additionally two on Forge and one on BIM 360 for cloud development.

As in previous DevDays events, the theme is: “The Journey Continues”. In the first webinar—DevDays Keynotes—Jim Quanci, Senior Director, Software Partner Development, will cover the” journey” in-depth with a presentation on Autodesk’s strategic direction. This will cover the move to subscription licenses, Forge strategy, the Autodesk App Store and more. As he discusses the transition Autodesk is going through from a business and technical perspective Jim will also explain the opportunities this transition creates for software partners, including our plans to build a much larger customer base—accessible to you.

In the desktop software webinars, you will learn about the product and API changes and enhancements for AutoCAD, Revit, Civil 3D, InfraWorks, Inventor, Vault, and Fusion. These sessions will help you prepare for the upcoming Autodesk 2019 family of products so that you can be ready to delight our joint customers by having your applications compatible with the new releases.

In addition to making sure you stay current with Autodesk desktop technology now is the time to start investing in “what’s next”—the next wave in the journey. Forge is Autodesk’s answer to “what’s next”. Forge is the foundation cloud/web technology platform that Autodesk is building its next generation of tools on—and also making available to you. Forge is not an Autodesk “experiment”. It’s your opportunity to catch the next wave—the shift to the cloud. Autodesk itself is the largest user of Forge in the world—with several hundred thousand users every day using BIM 360, Fusion 360, A360 and more. Join us—and, over a thousand companies that have built Forge into their apps/services already. Attend the two Forge webinars to learn how you too can deliver new capabilities to your customers.

Tues, Feb 6 2018 DevDays Keynotes
Wed, Feb 7 2018 Forge Platform overview and Roadmap
Thu, Feb 8 2018 Revit API, Civil 3D & InfraWorks updates
Tue, Feb 13 2018 Forge API update
Wed, Feb 14 2018 Inventor, Vault and Fusion API updates
Thu, Feb 15 2018 AutoCAD® and Design Automation for AutoCAD API updates
Tue, Feb 20 2018 BIM 360 product and API update

Updatethe Forge related information that will be presented at this webinar is an overview of was presented at the Forge DevCon (November 2017), for a complete presentation please check the keynotes and class recordings.

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