5 Sep 2019

Design Automation V3 Activity API bug fix

There has been an update to the Design Automation API

If you are currently participating in the Design Automation API public beta, your code might be affected by a recent bug fix.

In the Design Automation V3 Activity API, the team has fixed a bug in the way zip files are handled. The fix could impact existing beta code in the following ways:

  1. Before this change, if an input parameter was a zip file, we would automatically unzip it regardless of whether or not an input parameter specified a "zip" argument. Now you have to explicitly declare that an input is a zip file in an activity in order for it to be unzipped
  2. The "localName" parameter in an activity now specifies the directory name that the zipped file gets unzipped into. Prior to the fix, the name from the work item "pathInZip" was used instead

Here is an example Activity correctly using the zip and localName parameters:

Activity parameter

In this example, the input zip file will now be extracted to the directory "Wrench" and the "pathInZip" value of the WorkItem will be used to locate the assembly file within that directory. Previously, the name of the directory would have been the name of the "pathInZip" parameter in the WorkItem. Any AppBundle code leveraging this defect will need to be updated.


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