19 Sep 2019

Design Automation - Revit Parameters Export & Import sample with Excel

Revit Parameters Export & Import sample with Excel

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Updating Revit model online is a frequently asked question, with the Revit Design Automation engine, we can easily do batch update to parameters from Excel to a Revit model. 

This sample demonstrates how to update a file-based Revit model stored in BIM 360 Docs, using Design Automation for Revit. The sample does two things:

  1. Export Revit parameters (Door Type Parameter “Fire Rating”, and/or Door Instance Parameter “Comments”) to an excel file.
  2. Import Revit parameters (same as above) from a locally stored excel file.

Currently Revit Cloud Worksharing is not supported by the Design Automation. The scenario that this sample demonstrates is applicable only with a file-based Revit model.

For more details, please check the source code on Github/Autodesk-Forge. Watch the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOAEzimdq5Q, and Live Demo at https://revitexcel.herokuapp.com/.

Happy coding with Forge services:)


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