3 Nov 2020

Data Management and Model Derivative regions

Currently, we support 2 regions: US (default) and EMEA.
They are available in case of both the Data Management API and Model Derivative API.
BIM 360 Docs can also store files in either region.

In this article, we'll focus on the Object Storage Service (OSS) part of the Data Management API, and the Model Derivative API

When creating a bucket you can specify in which region it should be allocated. Independent of the region of the bucket, you can also choose the region where the derivative service should generate and store its files (e.g. the contents of the SVF bubble needed by the Forge Viewer)

One restriction is that a given file can have derivatives in only one region at a time. Following the picture on the top: 
1) We upload a file to a bucket in the EMEA region
2) This time we decide to generate the derivatives in the US region
3) If we now try to create another derivative for the same file in the EMEA region, that will fail with the message:
406 "Not Acceptable" / "Can not register the same design on different regions,you should delete old registration for registering it to another region."

If we deleted the manifest and then tried submitting the translation job again to the EMEA region, this time the request would succeed. ?

Have just updated the Buckets Tools sample as well, so you can choose the region for both the bucket and the derivatives:

Regions for OSS and DerivativesIf you click on a file (which triggers the SVF translation if needed) and you get the error "Not Acceptable" (described above) then just change the region for the Model Derivative service using the drop-down next to the "Download" button.

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